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a collection of accidents.

aww coffee, no.
21 July
Barton Park, Devonshire
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I'm Miggie, the bitter one in the corner with the whisky bottle singing about beards and nutella.
"jasper!", a bit of ultraviolence, albion, avoiding real life, awkward sexual advances, bacon, being secretly lesbian, benedict cumberbatch's voice, bernard black, black comedy, book smell, british drama, bromances, cabin pressure, calling people sharks, chris evans' beard, correct grammar and ortography, crazy geniuses, cupcakes, cursing like a motherfucker, david bowie, delayed pleasure, depressing songs, doctor who, dogs, emotional unavailability, ett älskvärt överflöd, fantasizing with lemur touchpads, foreign languages, forever alone, frilly knickers, geeking over weird shit, gene hunt, george carlin, hating children, heathcliff it's me cathy, hipbones, hobobeards, homoerotic subtext, hush my nymph, husky voices, insomnia, instant reblog, irony, james spader's kinky films, jarvis cocker, john watson: stealthy killer, jumpers, kissing people i shouldn't, lady motherfucking gaga, life on mars, loathing summer, lusting after christina hendricks, mark gatiss' ginger beard, martin freeman's rage, martin gore's androginous sex-appeal, miranda, noel fielding's giggles, obscure references, oscar wilde, people smarter than me, pinstripes, pon farr, porno jean val jean, posh teacups, pretending i'm a writer, religious cynicism, romola garai, sebastian stan, self-deprecation, sexual ambiguity, sexual intercourse with theremins, sherlock, shirley manson, shoe fetishes, sob-inducing fanfiction, speaking in memes, stealthy lurking, stephen hawking, steven moffat's trolling, stroking macbooks sexually, stubbly chins, subjunctive history, surreptitious lust, tea, temporary obsessions, the kindness of strangers, trying not to care, tyrion lannister, unconventional beauty, unrequited crushes, unresolved sexual tension, victoriana, white collar, witty foreplay