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09 January 2012 @ 06:09 pm
Мои твиты  
  • Пн, 01:38: Sure, John. Walk the moors alone. You're Johnny Big Bollocks after all. #Sherlock
  • Пн, 01:42: "Oh, you're a bad man." And you're a slag, Doctor. #Sherlock
  • Пн, 01:45: Bob Frankland, Cockblocker of the Year. #Sherlock
  • Пн, 01:50: Oh, look. It's the Purple Shirt of Pheromones. *chinhands* #Sherlock
  • Пн, 01:56: Oh, that scene was so adorable. I loved that they used "the conductor of light" line from the book. :') #Sherlock
  • Пн, 02:01: "Is that why you're calling yourself 'Greg'?" "That's his name." "Is it?" "Yes."
  • Пн, 02:02: Lestrade, let's see how far that tan goes, eh? Come on.
  • Пн, 02:07: Oh, Sherlock. Your puppy face. It's endearing and disturbing. John, just pet him and tell him you still love him. Go on.
  • Пн, 02:11: Photoset: tardisherlock: Are you serious, tumblr? I was fine. Then you go and make me cry. Because of... http://t.co/ZZEcYnhU
  • Пн, 02:22: I'm freaking the fuck out. Oh shit.
  • Пн, 02:26: Seriously, John Watson rules the fucking land. His rage is my life force.
  • Пн, 02:31: They're flashing shit on the screen. This is getting really clever.
  • Пн, 02:34: RT @pigeonspotting: Lord Grantham is yelling. Let me call you big poppa #downtonpbs
  • Пн, 03:03: Hounds was insanely good and very clever. I may or may not have shat bricks in certain bits. Will rewatch in the dark. Thanks, @markgatiss!
  • Пн, 03:10: Best thing about the episode was John "IT'S NOT OK!!1!" Watson, 007 BAMF. Feel free to pull rank on me, Captain. #guuuurl
  • Пн, 03:12: Second best: Lestrade, aka Suntan Greg. Kicking ass, taking names, being suave and answering Mycroft's phone calls behind the scenes. Ooh.
  • Пн, 03:15: Third best: scenes about feelings. And friends. And conductors of light. And John Watson with a pep in his walk. Ok then.
  • Пн, 03:24: Also, Hounds was an unlikely, yet brilliant overture for Reichenbach. Those little pieces into the future were really disturbing.
  • Пн, 03:26: Basically I'm in love with this show and can't believe it'll be over next week just to leave me in the cold with emotional trauma. #Sherlock