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02 February 2012 @ 11:54 am
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  • Wed, 23:26: RT @Cumberholmes: Oh dear, I've done that thing where I get so high that I become aware of myself as a modernised Victorian character. A ...
  • Wed, 23:44: It just hit me that I'm seeing Elton John on Sunday night. I'm going to have all the feelings that day. Ugh, I love that old queen.
  • Wed, 23:49: RT @porksmith: Before you turn in please listen to the Doors 'Who Scared You' and then... sleep
  • Wed, 23:51: Photoset: elementarysherlock: http://t.co/uguFZB4l
  • Thu, 00:24: I hadn't seen the complete Martin Freeman interview on The One Show from January. The bit with the accordion man. Oh my god.
  • Thu, 00:26: His face is a combination of confusion and despair. Like he doesn't know whether to die or kill everyone else. Bless you, Martin.
  • Thu, 00:27: At least he ate all that pie before? Hahahahaha.
  • Thu, 00:33: Also, never realised before what a punchable face Chris Evans has.
  • Thu, 00:42: FYI, I meant Chris Evans the presenter and not Chris Evans the actor. The actor for me has a face like The Silence: I forget it immediately.
  • Thu, 00:46: Photoset: scallawag: Arretez, Dujardin. http://t.co/ow27XIHw
  • Thu, 15:39: This is embarrassing on so many levels that my cringing is making me physically ill. Just mail your knickers instead. http://t.co/9pb9OmHm
  • Thu, 15:50: I feel bad for Cumberbatch, he seems to have won the raffle for the "special" fans. Christ. He needs someone to sort his mail now.